Friday, July 10, 2020

Great editors! All four of my wonderful "friendly" editors completed their work by July 4...GREAT work!

I sent my manuscript to my editors June 1, and asked them to get back to me by July 4, which they all did.  Two of them beat me up on grammar and punctuation sending me back to the books on these two subjects.  And it urged me to think more about my personal style of using and presenting DIALOG for telling stories.  Think about it, sharpen my tools. A VERY constructive, unanticipated side trip for me.

So now, I'm hoping to work on these things for a few more weeks, and have the upgraded manuscript ready for the publisher by the end of July.

Also checking online sources for Harley Davidson race photos for the cover.

So, BIG thanks to Barbara, Skip, Maisha and John for pushing me up the author learning curve.  Somehow your combined work has encouraged me and led me to work in totally new ways to find my personal writing voice.  Wish I could describe how this synergy happened and what a grand blessing it is for me, but I can't.   THANKS to y'all, and, "Praise God from whom all blessings flow."

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