Tuesday, May 19, 2020

About ready to send "Track Lessons" to the publisher

Rules, lessons, generalizations, CoronaVirus, statistics, probabilities, and soft eyes.  Generalizations are helpful but come from a poor place, often from laziness, or just the newness of a situation, or no time to study,  "Times up! Fight or Flight".   "Track Lessons" shows how rules become lessons as the generalizations are refined. For example Lesson 6 is "Some lies are OK".

Altogether 10 chapters, several started out as stand alone short stories, but now they all have to come together, same font & size.  Character's names, dates and whereabouts have to be consistant, all in one novel, one Word document.

I start with 10 separate documents, one for each chapter. I edit each document using Grammarly for punctuation, spelling and small improvements, and note inconsistancies (For example, George's sponsor is "Lancaster Harley Davidson" in Chapter 3, but is "Dexter's HD" in chapter 7) into my "edit notes".  Next I will join all ten documents into one, carefully following Archway's guidelines.  Then re-edit this new document using my "edit notes".  Then I will send this out to my 6 "Friendly editors".

In the month that this editing process is going on I'll work on cover design. (HELP!  Any graphic artists out there, interested in a three motorcycle kurfunkle scene for the cover?

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