Sunday, March 22, 2020

Never cross racing lines at other than racing speed

One more chapter to go for "Track Lessons"!  In this chapter we're dealing with lessons, rules and depth of knowledge.  It's one thing to "know" a rule because the teacher told you, and quite another to "Know" it because you understand why it is taught and a bit more if you had some memorable experience with it.  So that's the point of chapter 7.

When my son John was a teenager we had some father/son clashes and one thing that helped a lot when we were trying to communicate was our mutual love of motorcycles and motorcycle racing.  So a lot of our important conversations were in terms of issues on the track, "track lessons".  The various metaphors we used usually came from the track, we sharpened our values by discussing heroes, villains, and events from the race track.  It is noteworthy how theses same lessons show up in school, on the job, in relationships, and , yes, in church.

Some things are easy to "know" but there's usually a lot more to know about them.  For example, the area of a circle,
not hard to know or remember, but nor really "intuitively obvious".

Rules and lessons.

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