About half written, hoping to finish the writing in 2017.

This is a fictional story of a young woman, Esmeralda, who saves the world by a single, careless act.  Naturally this one act has deep roots going back through many generations and many cultures.  Esmeralda's parents are Brian, an upper-middle class, Jewish, music major from Philadelphia; her mother, Angela a lower class girl from Veracruz, Mexico. 

The book has three parts.  In the first part, Brian and Angela meet in Veracruz, fall in love, get married and conceive Esmeralda.

The second part is Esmeralda's childhood in Galveston, Texas.  She is a feisty, beautiful teenager, Olympic Taekwondo athlete who joins the air force when she graduates from high school.  When Angela's parents die in a tragic bus crash in Mexico, Angela's grandmother comes from Mexico to live with the family in Galveston.  The grandmother spends a lot of time with Esmeralda, during which time, a great deal of Mayan spiritism is absorbed subconsciously by Esmeralda.

The final part of the book deals with a complex collision of  beautiful, grownup, Tex-Mex, Mayan, fighter plane pilot, Esmeralda with Don Calixto, a truly evil, power crazy, Colombian drug lord.

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  1. Worked today on the structure of the book. Looks like about 25,000 words. Three sections of 8000 words each. Section 1 would be Esmeralda's parents getting together (alrady written). Section 2 would be Esma growing up in Galveston. Section 3 would cover her from age 18 t\until the grand finale at age 28.

    Grand finale will be set in 2018, so Esme was born in 1990.

    Next work will be the subplot of the evil villain, Don Calixto, selling laced drugs for ISIS.

    Still lookng for help with two characters; Esme abuelita the curandera from veracruz, and Esm at 16, Olympic Taekwondo athelete.

  2. Don Calixto is the villaon that is confronted by Esmeralda. Calixto was born in Cali, Colombia to the very wealthy and powerful Sarmiento family. He was an unusually skilled soccer player - a forward who waqs so fast and illusive that his nick name "Cali" was cheered and revered throughout the city. In his teen years he drove around Cali in a brand new, pristine, white Alfa Quadrofoglio convertible. He was the celebrity of Cali teenagers and sports fans. BUT (you know how it works), In the Pan American Soccer championship game he runs into his nemesis, Mexico's goalie, a plain (Maya)looking , quiet, intense boy from Merida. The goalie stops 2 sure shots on goal by Cali and in the final secons of play stops his third attempt which would have tied the game. The Mexican goalie fell to his knees in tears but Calixto was very angry. As the days go by he becomes more angry. Days turn to weeks, weeks to months annd so on, but the and jus t grows. By the time he is 20 Calixto is a raging volcano with many dangerous inner eruptions waiting to get out. The most powerful are a hatred of women (HE was supposed to be the Big Hero!) and an insatiable drive for power to control everything. Out of this mess comes a very crazy Cocaine drug lord. Cool, or what?

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