Track Lessons

Fiction. Events in the life of motorcycle racer, George Gindlesburger.

Publisher: Planned for 2017

Each chapter can stand alone (short story) and details an action packed motorcycle race at an actual track (most of which I have raced on) and demonstrating a racer maxim, for example, "Good tricks aren't cheap".and "Who's that guy?"  Plus two other stand alone chapters; the first telling of one of George's love affairs, and the other chapter "Yep!"  a bittersweet story of his old age.

Click here to read this chapter (Chapter 10 "Yep!")


  1. Great stuff, Charlie. The voice sounds entirely authentic to me and I love how you've captured that idea of how the things we do are the things that continue to make us who we are and bring us back to ourselves. In an odd way, this is (almost exactly) what my thesis was about. I'll be keen to read more.

  2. Thanks for the kind words Sandy. The old chicken and the egg it what we do that makes us who we are or vv? Emily says "The Star's whole secret in the Lake, eyes were not meant to know" :-) AND.....YOU are the first poster on my blog! You will get a grand prize.......fairly soon :-)

  3. This sound very familiar since my husbands brother is very much in the same situation. It is sad that life can be so insensitive and cruel. As one day shuts down it can never be lived over. Today is the only day we can love, build happy memories and savor ever breath of life. It is a gift that is rarely appreciated until those precious moments are limited.

    It appears you touched all of those bases! I am sure each person will relate to this according to their own personal expeirnces in life but that is how I saw it.

  4. Been working on Chapter 4 "Yikes" wherein George is SHOCKED to fall in love for the second time in his life at age 47. A good exercise for me as I have 2 versiions which I will post soon. Two versions in an effort to clarify my personal writing style.