Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Three cheers for "Grammarly"

 The friendly efforts of my wonderful editors encouraged me to sharpen my writing.  Mainly to be more precise and clear, to ease the burden on my readers.  For now this means learning more about punctuation and grammar.  And to be more consistent and simpler in general.  More careful, less "sloppy".

With this in mind, I signed up for one year of "Grammarly - Premium" ($75/year "special price') and worked my entire novel ("Track Lessons") through Grammarly.  I spent about 30 hours doing this (30,000 words) and found it enjoyable and very productive and educational for me.

I use Apache "Open Office" for WP, so I did this entirely on the Grammarly web based system but will probably start using MS Office for WP in the future to have Grammarly checking everything as I write. I liked Apache because of the stable nature of their system (very few little unsolicited changes).  I have a 30 year old hammer that works just fine. :-)

So, I highly recommend Grammarly!  Try it for free on-line!