Friday, April 5, 2019

HELP!... I need some art work for the cover of "Track Lessons", ART CONTEST! Prize money $$$

My novel "Track Lessons" is just about finished and I need some unique and dynamic art work for the cover.  The book is about life lessons learned from motorcycle racing, and focuses on one national championship series of races on Harley Davidson motorcycles.  The cover art will show the last turn of the last race which decides the entire championship.  Very dramatic moment showing the speed, risk, daring, and different styles the three main characters.  Gravel flying, bikes sliding, dramatic action shot in style of your choice.  Realistic or abstract, but it should be clear to anyone that it is three motorcycle racers, at a very important moment.

I will post, on this blog, the pages from the book describing this moment in the race, and a few other hints & clues. click here to see these items

Deadline for the art work will be July 1, 2019 and the winner will be announced July 15,2019.  The prize will be $250 plus $0.10 per book sold.  I'm planning to sell a million books, but only time will tell :-)

So, please come collaborate with me to make this book something special and beautiful.

Please post any questions on this blog.

THANKS for your interest.

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  1. Added more info about the cover art. Click the link in original post (above) to see the latest.