Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Chapter 5 - When the green flag drops...

Finished up Chapter 5 of Track Lessons.  This chapter is about George's championship season race at Bryar Motorsports Park (now New Hampshire International Speedway).

The structure of this novel STARTS with George's "golden years" (see "Yep" on this blog), and then each chapter is the story of one of his races from twenty years earlier.

The introduction to Chapter 5;

There does seem to be a certain class of moments, that stand out from most others. It is clear that these moments are prelude to something very important, something with big risks and big rewards. Like arriving at a fork in the road...left or right?...get it right!...HURRY! Or when you arrive at check-in with Saint Peter at the pearly gates, or when “the fat lady sings”, or when “the rubber meets the road”. At moments of this class, all fears and desires, all wishes and denials, cease to exist and you simply MUST perform. Also characteristic of these moments is the complex collection of things that prepared you for the moment. Some intended by you, others not intended by you.

In motorcycle racing, the actual start of the race is clearly such a moment: “When the green flag drops the bullshit stops”. The bikes line up on the starting grid, and a short ritual is performed to start the race. The last act of the starting ritual is when the starter dramatically and suddenly waves the green flag, and all the motorcycles roar off for 20 minutes of ferocious battle to see who will be the first to pass the waving checkered flag that signals the end of the race.

Grandpa and the boys were about half way back to Lancaster, pretty much on schedule to get Grandpa George back to the nursing home by midnight. Eating up miles and bench racing.

Did you see how that jerk on the Kawi blocked me at the finish? I should have won that race!”

Yep. We've got to learn more about that blocking business. Grandpa, teach us something about blocking.”

George took the bait, “OK. Yep, that's an important trick, I taught Ed Slossser that one at Bryar”.

--------end of intro------

Still hoping to finish this book and get it published in early 2019.

Thanks for your interest.

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