Friday, April 2, 2021

Archway editing service for "Track Lessons"

 I got great ideas for improvements to "Track Lessons"  from my five "friends and family" editors, and I decided to invest approx $1500 in Archway Editing Services to clarify my writing style in general and, more specifically to make this book as good as possible.

The Archway editing service offers three editing processes, the first, "Developmental Edit" is a complete reading by an anonymous published author for a high level, comprehensive overview/critique of the book.  I am VERY happy with the results of this edit that Archway has forwarded to me.  The editor did a thorough job and made about ten constructive suggestions that I am still digesting. The next two edits will focus more on detail writing techniques and conventions.  I think the process will provide a LARGE step up the learning curve for me, and will speed up my other writing projects.  This process has added about six months to my publishing schedule for "Track Lessons"...but then...why hurry?

BTW, I highly recommend the Archway editing services for new writers, you can learn more about this service at Archway's web site.

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