Thursday, May 26, 2016

Looking for collaborators for my book "Esmeralda"

I'm looking for a Tex-Mex female martial artist to collaborate with me on my current book "Esmeralda" (see description under "Charlies other books" on this blog).  We could do it all via email or perhaps on this blog to get input from other interested parties.  Also would enjoy communicating with Mexican (Mayan) curandera to develop the character of Esmeralda's great-grandmother.


  1. Today's research led to the Maya concept of two "souls". The "Way" is a supernatural animal protector & companion. The human and their Way share a soul. What befalls one of them affects the other.

    Esmeralda's Way is a Tigrillo who has been with her since she was born and joins her in the biggest fight of her life.

  2. ...something (?!) led me to Martin Prechtel

    and, on youtube, I listened to his intriguing and rewarding talk on grief & praise. Highly recommended,